Three Steps that Will Take You from Start-up to Success

Three Steps that Will Take You from Start-up to Success

Each and every entrepreneur had to start somewhere, but what sets the successful ones apart is the path they take and how they overcome obstacles.  It is not the strong that survives it is the most adaptable and nowhere is this truer than in business.  Here are three steps to take that will get you from start-up to success.

Make a plan

You have already been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and now you need to figure out what that looks like.  Dream big, you want to be the next Richard Branson…good!  Now make a plan on how to get there.  Many entrepreneurs have the drive to get started but what they lack is the follow through.  Many get bored quickly and move on to something else.  Writing a detailed plan allows you to hold yourself accountable and that leads to progress.  Without a detailed plan all you have is a dream and everybody has those.  People with written goals are far more likely to achieve them, here is a Harvard study that backs that up.

Know what you want but be flexible getting there

Once you have started making your plan you need to prioritize the tasks that will get you there.  Many business owners get caught up in the day to day minutiae and fail to keep an eye on the big picture.  Focus your efforts on what will create revenue and allow you to grow to where you want to be, outsource the rest.  If you try doing everything yourself nothing gets done well.  While in the beginning you will need to plenty of the work yourself, but every start-up reaches critical mass and then it is time to hire. Don’t forget to design your marketing strategy accordingly ed eventually hire a digital marketing expert to help you setting it up.

Be prepared to fail

The road to success is paved with failure and every entrepreneur from Edison to Bill Gates has failed.  That doesn’t make you a bad entrepreneur but not learning and growing from your failures does.  Most entrepreneurs embrace risk, otherwise they would still be sitting in an office working for someone else.  Mistakes are not something you can avoid so take them as learning opportunities.  Learn quickly and often!

You created a business and put together a plan with the goal of going and thriving, until you reach the point where you can step back because your business is self-sustaining.  Don’t be afraid of failure, failure will only bring you closer to your goals.

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