Improve your surveys the ‘online’ way

The surveys are a widely used system in the research market, used to analyze the statistics and data collected, and then subsequently apply targeted strategies based on those data. Thanks to this system, many companies have had advantages on services, starting from customer service, business plans, and sales strategies. But let’s see what are the advantages of Survey research.

The first detail concerns large numbers, to create a survey with a large number of applications must appear as simple as possible, so anyone can answer any questions (or in other ways, not just questions, that we will list later) in a few minutes, without wasting the time of the users. No other method of research like this can collect data on a user as large as we can find on the internet, and among all market research I think this is the most favourable point compared to others.

An additional advantage about the internet research is the relatively low cost and sometimes no costs at all about it, instead there is a different discourse about the paper surveys or telephone surveys that can often be intrusive and annoying, making the respondents not interested in the topic.

Online surveys, e-mail surveys, interviews, those through social media, make management extremely flexible, without forgetting survey codes, as we can see an example on www dgcustomerfirst com, often used by the big commercial companies, to benefit customers with coupons and other prizes.

Surely the use of rewards or benefits can greatly affect the number of applications in the survey, but also the privacy system is used too, giving the possibility to answer questions anonymously, often to have absolute sincerity on the part of those who respond.

Among these methods listed above certainly by us we can recommend to continue with the online; paper surveys are very expensive in many aspects like the production and the distribution, and users tend more often to avoid them, as well as face-to-face, it requires too much time for both respondents and interviewers, without having the numbers reachable on the internet.
So take advantage of exploiting users that you can find especially thanks to social media, or even with e-mails, even if they are often obscured in spam, and therefore not very accessible.

There are so many ways in which you can make surveys, to get them more pleasant, clear and fast, methods that we will list in the next article about it, in the meantime take a cue on the various surveys you attended in the past, if you have the feeling that those were nice, probably a good place to take inspiration from, and you could see which ones you’ve always avoided, and try to don’t make those mistakes made by others. If you want to build a good survey, ask yourself first if you would like to participate willingly or it could be boring or annoying. And remember, make sure to use the results you get to improve the aspects of your company to make it better and more productive.

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